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Victorian Home Renovation in Greenwich

Renovations of older properties come with unique complexities, and this project was no exception.


Our dedicated builders embarked on an extensive refurbishment of this Victorian house. The first step was reconfiguring the rear bedroom to enhance its spatial layout. Following this, we completely remodelled the existing bathroom, infusing it with new life through vibrant paint and decorative wall elements. The transformation extended to two additional bedrooms on the first floor, all refurbished to impeccable standards.


Throughout the renovation, our team worked in close collaboration with the client. We installed new radiators, meticulously plastered and skimmed the walls, and applied fresh paint, resulting in a stunning visual contrast in the before and after photos. Our expertise in plastering and rendering ensures flawless finishes, a testament to our team’s skill and attention to detail.


In addition to our proficiency in wall treatments, we are specialists in bathroom remodelling. If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation, our S & M Solutions Ltd team is ready to bring your vision to life. We offer a comprehensive range of house refurbishment services, from plumbing to plastering, ensuring every aspect of your renovation needs is met.


Embark on your Victorian Home Renovation journey in Greenwich with us. Contact S & M Solutions Ltd today to transform your historic property into a modern masterpiece that retains its classic charm.