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Underpinning London

In Greenwich, London, a frequent area of our expertise, we tackled a significant ‘Underpinning Footings in South East London’ project. Our objective was to build and reinforce the foundations of an old, single-story rear extension. The task involved intense hands-on work; we dug 1100 mm into the ground, a necessary step for laying robust foundations. This excavation allowed us to pour concrete and carry out dry packing, essential due to the earth’s movement and potential wall cracking over time, often weakening foundations in older properties.


Building Control Services continuously assessed our work throughout the project, culminating in a completion certification following their thorough inspection. Moreover, we meticulously managed the excavation around the property’s external area, ensuring the site was restored to its original state upon completion. Despite the high labour costs, the quality and durability of our work made it a worthwhile investment.


Are you facing foundation challenges in South East London? S & M Solutions Ltd is here to provide top-notch ‘Underpinning Footings’ services. Our expertise in reinforcing and rebuilding foundations ensures your property’s structural integrity. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation, and let’s begin the journey to secure and strengthen your property’s foundation. Trust us for reliable, high-quality underpinning solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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