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Extension Underpinning London

Extension foundations reinforcement and underpinning work.

We were tasked with a substantial undertaking to build or reinforce the foundations of an old, one-storey rear extension. To start, we had no choice but to get our hands dirty and dig 1100 mm down into the freshly unearthed ground before pouring concrete in its place and then dry packing it. This course of action was necessary due mainly to discrepancies such as movement within the earth below that wall’s surface and possible cracking on walls exposed over time which contributed to weak foundation formation – all common occurrence for properties many years in age. We not only had this work assessed by Building Control Services until completion certification could be granted after inspection, yet also continued hard labour spent excavating around surrounding external property space before putting back any soil used during the process when done – despite expensive labour costs invested throughout duration rendered worthy at the result!

Drainage, Structural, Underpinning
Extension Underpinning