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Soundproofing Work

Project Description: Soundproofing Project at Glass Mills Leisure Centre, Lewisham, London


Project Overview: S&M Solutions Ltd recently undertook a transformative soundproofing project at Glass Mills Leisure Centre, located in the vibrant borough of Lewisham, London. The project’s primary objective was to address noise and vibration concerns within the facility, ensuring optimal comfort for patrons and staff.


Challenges Faced: The main challenge encountered during the project revolved around mitigating noise and vibration, particularly in high-traffic areas such as the changing rooms and communal spaces. Additionally, the project required careful consideration of the building’s design and layout to ensure that soundproofing measures were effectively implemented without compromising aesthetics or functionality.


Solution Implemented: To tackle the noise and vibration concerns, our team employed a strategic approach involving the application of a double acoustic gyp-rock plasterboard to encase concrete columns. This meticulous process effectively minimized noise and vibration transmission, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for leisure centre patrons.


Additional Enhancements: In addition to addressing noise and vibration concerns, our team reconfigured the surrounding ceiling and cabinetry, meticulously tiling them to meet precise specifications. These enhancements not only improved the acoustic performance of the space but also added to its overall aesthetic appeal.


Project Outcome: The soundproofing project at Glass Mills Leisure Centre was completed successfully, exceeding the client’s and facility users’ expectations. Implementing innovative soundproofing solutions has significantly enhanced the acoustic comfort of the space, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all patrons.


Conclusion: At S&M Solutions Ltd, we are proud to have played a key role in transforming the acoustic environment of Glass Mills Leisure Centre. Our commitment to delivering high-quality soundproofing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients underscores our dedication to excellence.


Contact Us: For bespoke soundproofing services in London and beyond, contact S&M Solutions Ltd today. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating a quieter, more comfortable environment for your residential, commercial, or industrial space.