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Slate Roof Restoration in South East London: Revamping a Roof in Greenwich

In the heart of Greenwich, London, a region where we frequently work, we recently took on a challenging Slate Roof Restoration project. Slate roofs, known for their beauty and tradition, demand regular maintenance to preserve their longevity. Without proper care, these roofs can deteriorate significantly over time.


Our task was to completely renovate a slate roof that had fallen into severe disrepair. The roof was sagging under the weight of the tiles, and the mortar joints were compromised. We removed the old roof coverings to address these issues and replaced them with new C24 timber rafters, high-quality Spanish slates, and coping stones. Additionally, we rebuilt the chimneys and installed durable aluminium guttering, contributing to the roof’s extended lifespan and superior finish.


Slate roofs offer numerous advantages, such as being fireproof, waterproof, and exceptionally durable. However, being made from natural materials, they are prone to weathering and wear and tear. Regular inspections and repairs by a qualified roofer are crucial to maintain their integrity. We’re here to assist if you’re in London and your slate roof needs repair or replacement. As experts in roofing in London, we work closely with you to ensure your roof remains in optimal condition. Our services range from repairs and replacements to fascia and guttering installations.


Please contact us for any needs related to Slate Roof Restoration in South East London. Let’s work together to keep your roof strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.