Refurbishment South East London

Complete renovation of the outer leaf of the loft and rendering with silicone-based K-Rend all around.

Loft Renderings are essential in maintaining your home’s aesthetic appeal while protecting it from the elements. We recently completed a total Loft Renovation and K-Rend silicone-based rendering for a property needing some serious TLC. The job involved the removal of the old existing pebble dash render, which had cracked and was allowing water to get inside the property. Further, the loft’s timber stud walls allowed water to enter through, so we upgraded them with Aqua board to receive rendering on top. The first-floor bay window was reinforced with Helix bars set in resin, and we changed the Lead flashing for the two ground-floor windows. Once the render was dry, we applied a base coat and 2 finishing coats of weather shield Dulux paint for long-lasting protection.

K-Rend is a high-performance, weatherproof render perfect for protecting your home from the elements. Its seamless, breathable render evaporates moisture, preventing dampness and mould problems. It is also highly resistant to cracking and fading, making it the perfect choice for a long-lasting finish.

If you are considering rendering your property or have questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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