How We Work

Once you fill in the contact form via our website, we are ready to start working on your project. We will call you to discuss project requirements and specifications so that we can schedule a site survey visit. Once onsite, our experienced team will assess the project and provide professional advice while ensuring accuracy with cost estimations. We strive to deliver quality work at a reasonable cost; however, please note there is an associated fee for our site visits and consultations. These steps help us create an effective project plan tailored to your needs.

Our Quotation Contain:

  • Detailed cost breakdown and the total price.
  • The project schedule.
  • Payment instalments.
  • Mode of payment.

Before works begins:

  • We only commit to jobs that we can handle.
  • Ensure an insurance cover for the job depending on the type of project.
  • We offer quality, time and cost saving tips to the clients.

For Ongoing Project:

  • Regular monitoring of the site to ensure quality work is done at every stage.
  • Provide high standard materials, equipment and other resources.
  • World-class customer service at all times.
  • Ensure safety and health environment in every site.

When the work is complete:

  • Ensure quality assurance of the property.
  • We clean and tidy up the site for immediate use.
  • We issue any user instructions if any, certification documents and warrantees where applicable.
  • Brief you on maintenance recommendations.