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Many homeowners look to loft conversions to obtain the additional space they need. But what if you don’t have a loft, or what you want is a larger kitchen or living room? That’s where house extensions come in. At S&M Solutions we create house extensions in Bromley that can fundamentally change the way you interact with your home. In a very real way, house extensions are like moving without having to say goodbye to your neighbours or upend the kids’ lives.

The Case for House Extensions

Mortgage rates are at their highest point in nearly 20 years which has made the cost of buying a new, larger home prohibitive for many. For that reason, many Bromley homeowners are choosing house extensions as a way to gain the additional space they need.

House extensions make a lot of sense for a lot of good reasons. First, they’re cheaper than buying a new, larger house. Second, you can get the space you need without all the hassle of moving. And third, your home will enjoy a significant bump in market value.


The Different Types of House Extensions in Bromley

The following are the most common types of house extensions:

  • The single-storey extension that juts out – typically into the yard – on the ground floor.
  • The multi-storey extension whereby 2 or more storeys of the existing house are extended outward.
  • The wrap-around extension where the footprint of the house is extended to both the rear and the side of the house.
  • An over-structure extension where an upper-storey space is extended out onto an existing lower-storey space.

House Extensions and Planning Permission

Whether you need to seek planning permission will depend on the type of house extension you have in mind. As a general rule a simple, single-storey extension may not need planning permission. While something like a wrap-around extension, or an over-structure extension probably will.


How Long Does a House Extension Take?

This will depend entirely on the size and type of the extension you have in mind. If the project requires planning permission you should allot 8-9 weeks for that and then 12 – 14 weeks of construction time. Maybe more depending on the complexity of the project.

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