Here is a compilation of answers to common questions about S & M Solutions Ltd.

In case of further questions or clarification regarding our services, feel free to call us for more details.

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What work do you cover?

We undertake a wide array of construction services from refurbishment, loft conversion, new build, footing. House extension, conservatory building, drainage, hard landscaping, kitchen and bathroom installation. Minor and major renovations and roofing covering both residential and commercial building.

Do you extend your services to the whole of London?

We are based in Blackheath, Southern London and we cover Central and South East London regions including; Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton, Lee and Lewisham areas.

We can cover more locations on agreed projects.

Could the project cost more than your initial quote?

We work with experience construction experts equipped with market knowledge and are able to come up with accurate estimates for any project. Our project managers will also ensure project completion within your budget while maintaining high quality. However in very rare cases the actual cost may be higher than the quote, especially if new requirements or alterations will be added in within the project period.

Do you offer architectural design and structural drawings services?

We have a team of very creative and talented architectural designers who will help you in design and planning. We can also recommend an external design professional to help you with your architectural and structural drawings of preference.

What are your charges?

Our prices depend on specific project requirements, timeframe and other agreed terms. However, we have affordable packages for different projects and our prices remain the lowest among our competitors.

How long will it take you to complete my project?

The project timelines will vary from one project to the other based on the tasks involved and agreed terms. If you have a tight deadline, we allocate more resources to the project to ensure timely completion. For more details, call us with more information about your project.

Can you help in obtaining planning/ building controls, permissions and other legal documents that may be needed for my project?

Through our team of experience builders, architects and engineers we will help you in any relevant building permission and compliance documents within the shortest time possible. Talk to us to find out more.

Do you certify your work at the end of a project?

Yes. We issue a duly signed agreement (by both clients and ourselves) detailing all the projects information such as costs and requirements. We also issue any relevant building regulation compliance certificate as may be required by the law.

What kind of insurances do you carry?

We offer flexible, practical and cost-effective insurance policies underwritten by UK insurance market leaders. We have a £ 5, 000,000 cover for all your building projects. Feel free to request for details.

For more details or any other query, contact S & M Solutions Ltd experts.