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Building a House Extension guide

Maximizing Space and Value: The Ultimate Guide to House Extensions with S&M Solutions Ltd

At S & M Solutions Ltd, we recognize that adding a new kitchen or lounge extension to your house is more than just gaining extra room—it’s about significantly boosting your home’s value, potentially by up to 25%. We believe in creating balanced extensions that not only expand your living space but also enhance your home and garden’s overall appeal.

Key Steps for Achieving Your Dream Extension:

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive about extensions and lofts, we’ve compiled a list of essential steps to simplify your extension project. If you prefer, our pre-construction package can handle everything for a set fee.

Essential Documents for Home Extensions:

Obtain architectural drawings and secure planning permission as needed.

  • Ensure the engineer’s structural calculations and specifications are in place.
  • Conduct a pre-construction survey for existing structures and underground services.
  • Obtain a party wall agreement with your neighbours, or a party notice, as necessary.
  • Prepare a detailed work schedule to stay organized.
  • Understand any restrictions and design conditions, particularly in conservation areas.
  • Budget appropriately, with current rates ranging from £4500 to 6000 per square meter. (Updated April 2024)

Choosing the Right Professionals:

Many clients lack the complete set of required documents, and online drawings are often insufficient. We recommend hiring a local architect for precision. Paid quotes tend to be more detailed and reliable than free estimates, which can underestimate the project’s complexity.

Selecting the Right Builder:

Not every builder is suitable for your project. Consider the company’s size and skills, and use a clearly set-out contract. Limit your choices to three builders to better understand the cost implications.

Effective Project Management:

Ensure your quote aligns with the architect’s design and structural calculations. Once you’ve selected your builder and started work, avoid changing plans midway to prevent delays and cost increases. A well-managed project will lead to a successful extension, enhancing your living space and introducing more natural light into your home.

Expect the Unexpected:

While a well-planned design usually ensures smooth execution, surprises, especially in older London houses, are not entirely uncommon.

Watch and Learn:

View our video to witness various stages of a build and gain a better understanding of the process.

Consult the Experts:

For a hassle-free and efficient project completion, it’s best to consult professional builders like us at S & M Solutions Ltd. We’re here to help you create the extension you’ve always wanted.

For quality, trusted building contractors in London, get in touch today.

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