10 Expert Ways To Add Value To Your Home

How to add value to your home guide!


In the last ten years, the housing market has experienced another boom, and house prices have always been rising. Experts believe this trend will continue for the foreseeable future, so now is the best time to start making the most of your home.

Investing in your home now means that when you decide to sell, you will get much more than you originally paid. Capitalize on the added value you add and the increase in house prices to get the most for your property when you decide to sell.

Our experts have compiled a list of 10 of the best tips to help you add value to your home, whether you are looking to sell now or in the future.

1. Hire a builder or designer to inspect your home

It can be hard to view your own home objectively, as a potential buyer would do when they view your house for the first time. Getting a builder or designer to come and view your home will give you an independent, expert opinion on any changes that could be made. You may have to pay a designer a consultancy fee for this, but many builders will come as a courtesy. You’d be surprised at how much difference changing your colour scheme or furniture placement can bring.

Builders will also be able to check the structure of your home before you sell. They can discover any hidden problems which may negatively affect your selling price. Unused chimney breasts or outdated electrical systems may not be in view, but they can still affect your home’s value.

2. Add an extra bedroom with a loft conversion

Space is premium, and adding an extra bedroom can boost your home’s value by 15%, especially if the bedroom has an en-suite. Converting your loft needn’t be disruptive; much of the work can be done from outside. It doesn’t need to be expensive, either, with different conversion types.

Roof light conversions are the most cost-effective as there is little need for structural changes, whereas mansard conversions are more expensive. Here, one or both sloped sides of the roof are replaced with a steeper-sided structure with an almost-flat roof. Mansard conversions generally need planning permission, but most other conversion types don’t. Check with your local planning authority for clarification.

3. Paint the house

It may be a simple tip, but it is one of the most effective. Painting your home can add up to 5% to the value of your property, so spruce up your rooms with a fresh lick of paint- remembering that neutral colours appeal to more people.

Don’t forget to paint the outside of your home, too, to attract potential buyers. At the very least, your home should look better than your neighbours.

4. Make external repairs

You can add a potential 10% to the value of your home by ensuring that all external repairs are carried out before welcoming viewers. Make sure your guttering, front door and patio look smart and tidy. Consider installing an overhang or porch to offer shelter at the front door. Paint render, repointing, and even the creak on the garden gate shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. Consider a new kitchen

If you are only going to change one room in your home, make it your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home where you will cook, eat, entertain and spend time as a family. If you can afford it, installing a new kitchen can add 6-8% to the value of your home. But even just changing the work surface or painting the cupboard doors and hanging new handles will give your kitchen a fresh look.

Ensure the kitchen is well-lit; under-cabin lighting is a simple and cost-effective solution to a dim kitchen. Ensure your floor and wall tiles are well-fitted and the grouting is clean.

6. Create an open-plan living space

Open living areas have become much more popular, particularly in the kitchen and dining room. Buyers are looking for sociable spaces and are much more interested in the amount of usable space rather than the number of rooms a home has. Add value to your home by 3-5% by removing an internal wall to create a larger eating and dining area or a bigger lounge.

7. Upgrade your bathroom

Add value to your home by around 3-6% by updating your bathroom. After the kitchen, this is the room most people are influenced by. If you are refitting the whole room, drop sinks are out, and under-mount sinks are in. Opt for marble or granite countertops (it is much cheaper to include granite in the bathroom rather than the kitchen as the surfaces are much smaller). Wall-mounted lighting creates a warm feel.

If you want a quick fix to freshen up your bathroom, ensure a shower is installed and refresh the grout around the tiles to give a clean and new feel.

8. Improve your kerb and garden appeal

Garden space is limited in London, so flaunt it if you’ve got it. Make the most of any outside space, mow the lawn, and tidy flower beds. Adding decking or a paved area gives buyers a place to entertain and gives your home an extra “room”. Combined with a lick of paint outside and some shiny new ironmongery, you can add up to 10% to the value of your home by giving it some kerb appeal.

9. Put in central heating

Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Home’s Value by S&M Solutions Ltd

Leveraging Home Extensions for Value In the booming housing market, adding a kitchen or lounge extension can significantly enhance your home’s value – up to 25%. At S & M Solutions Ltd, we recommend proportionate extensions that balance indoor and outdoor spaces.

Consultation for Objective Home Assessment Enlisting a builder or designer to inspect your home offers an independent, expert perspective on potential improvements. They can identify structural issues or suggest aesthetic changes, like a new colour scheme or furniture placement, which can greatly impact your home’s appeal.

Structural Integrity Check Builders are crucial in evaluating your home’s structural integrity. Identifying and addressing issues like outdated electrical systems or unused chimney breasts is crucial for maintaining your property’s value.

Loft Conversion for Extra Space Adding an extra bedroom through a loft conversion can boost your home’s value by 15%. Options range from cost-effective roof light conversions to more extensive mansard conversions, often requiring planning permission.

Simple Yet Effective: Paint Your Home A fresh coat of paint, inside and out, can add up to 5% to your home’s value. Opt for neutral colours to appeal to a broader audience.

External Repairs for First Impressions Enhance your home’s curb appeal and value by up to 10% by carrying out external repairs. Simple fixes like guttering, front door, and patio improvements can make a significant difference.

Transform Your Kitchen The kitchen, being the heart of the home, can significantly influence a buyer’s decision. Even minor upgrades like changing work surfaces or repainting cupboard doors can refresh its look.

Embrace Open-Plan Living Open-plan living spaces are highly sought after, particularly in kitchens and dining areas. Removing an internal wall to create a larger communal area can add 3-5% to your home’s value.

Bathroom Upgrades: A remodel can increase your home’s value by 3-6%. Modern fittings and a well-lit environment can transform this space.

Outdoor Appeal: Maximize your garden space for added value. Decking, paving, and tidy flower beds can enhance your home’s outdoor appeal.

Central Heating Installation Installing central heating can be a game-changer, potentially adding significantly more value than the installation cost.

Secure Planning Permission Obtaining planning permission, even if you don’t plan to extend immediately, can increase your home’s value by providing certainty to potential buyers.

Professional Advice for Optimal Returns Contact S&M Solutions Ltd for expert evaluation and advice on home improvements. Our team can guide you through potential repairs and renovations to add significant value to your property. Take advantage of the market boom with our professional advice.

If you don’t already have it, this is a must. You might spend £1000 to £3000 doing it, but it will add £5k to the value of your home.

10. Apply for planning permission

Even if you have no intention of extending, just by securing planning permission on your home, you can add up to 10% value to your home. You will remove any doubt in your buyer’s mind and make your home stand out from the rest on your street.

Get professional advice to get the best price for your property.

If you want to sell your London home and get as much money as possible for it, call S&M Solutions Ltd today. Our experts can come and evaluate your potential home improvements and advise you on the best way to add value to your property. We can carry out any potential repairs and install conversions or extensions to add those extra thousands to your house price. Take advantage of the housing market boom while it lasts and get expert advice to get the best price for your property.

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